Lovejoy's Antiques
2100 Yale Street
Houston TX 77008
(713) 802-1132

Meet Me

We love Antiques!

And we love working on older things that we can bring back to life.

We're a little crazy about how things were made in the past and we try to let that quality shine through on the goods we keep in our store.  

Our family has always in the collectibles business and, growing up, we always had to remember who was collecting what.  It always made for fun Christmases and birthday parties.  "You found it!"  "I've always wanted that!"  "Its perfect"  We all know what the others collect and boy its been fun.

Our goal is to make collecting fun and easy to do. It can be difficult to find just that perfect something but when you do the rewards are all worth it.  Life is, after all, one big treasure hunt. I hope we have the treasure you are looking for.

I'll be at the purple dot below!

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